We strategize and create bespoke online and multimedia solutions that fulfill all needs of your external and internal audience. Backed by a well ground and winning strategy our eSolutions take care of your marketing, communication, process automation and technology needs in the most efficient and effective manner.

We understand your needs, underlying objectives, desired target audience and the outcomes you expect from your online communication. A careful study of all these elements coupled with extensive research of your TA behavior and competition helps us form a winning strategy for you that once deployed help you accomplish your business aspirations and makes way for growth.

Once we are over with strategy part our endeavor then is to create a simple to use, seamlessly integrated, interactive and technologically enhanced solutions for businesses we work with. We identify and address various needs of our clients that arise in the course of creating a successful online communication.
  • Creative Need
  • Technology Need
  • Updating Need
  • Maintenance Need
  • Hosting Need
  • Reporting Need
  • Revenue Need
  • Visibility Need

Creative Need

Seeing is believing. Reason why, the creative aspect of a brand is its face. Creative is what the audiences see and then draw an image of the brand. We create a design structure that is aesthetically appealing for the first time and repeat visitors alike and has an easy to browse navigation structure.

Technology Need

The good looks of the front end design always rely on a robust back end database with state of the art architecture. All needs of the online identity in terms of technology and its up-gradation on as and when required basis are taken care of in the solution that we propose. We make sure that our solutions are secure, free from any kind of browser based injections and above all support a scalable design structure and database architecture to accommodate enhancements in features and support addition of new elements.

Updating Need

If you are in a business where variety and freshness of content matters or where uptodate information is to be made public on a regular basis we power our solutions with a tailor made Content Management Solution or CMS that is equipped to handle varied kinds of updating needs of the online presence content in terms of addition/ updating/ deletion/ archiving of web pages/ content and adding new heads in the navigation tree at any level along with their respective content and pictures in no matter of time.

Maintenance Need

We also undertake annual maintenance contracts or maintain your online identity on a retainer ship basis after understanding and analyzing your updating needs, their nature and frequency. The solution created is usually a scalable one and carries the flexibility of being updated owing to its architecture without hampering the design structure of the entire site.

Hosting Need

Imagine, you spend time, effort and money in formulating an online strategy and launch the website on servers that are not yet equipped to handle the traffic, technology and exposure that your site is due to get and keep on crashing therefore.

Once the solution is created as per your needs we shall deploy live over the Internet by providing you most robust hosting services. A dedicated or shared server environment is used to deploy the entire solution on Windows 2000/ 2003 platform with SQL as the back end database. Our servers are reliable and come with a guaranteed uptime of 99.6% (refer SLA), adequate bandwidth and host of other features that would make the entire process of deployment and running the website a simple, error free and enjoyable one.

Reporting Need

In order to be ace in attr5acting and retaining traffic and spend your energies where they are required we provide you with customized MIS reports on traffic and its behavior allowing you to formulate your strategy on following.
  • What areas should be given more coverage in the online model?
  • What are the content interests of different kinds of user groups accessing the website?
  • What are the viewer ship statistics of the site?

Revenue Need

Looking for eCommerce or payment gateway enabled solutions. Here's is what we can do for you
  • Integrate multiple payment gateways on your website
  • Provide you with a dedicated SSL on you site
  • Integration of online shopping carts, order generation and tracking solutions, inventory management etc. online

Visibility Need

We will make sure that once the solution has been developed and deployed live on the Internet it is accessible to surfers hunting for information. Its not just search engine promotion we shall help you get visibility in the ever-growing pool of sites by providing following services as wel
  • Online Media Promotion Strategy
  • Media Buying for Online Promotion
  • 3Creative Execution for all Online Promotion (Email Campaign, Banners, Newsletters)
  • Website Optimization and Submission for Search Engine Promotion
  • Website Ranking services under designated keywords

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