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An award winning interactive agency, Sparrow facilitates businesses accomplish their aspirations by deploying synergized eStrategies that effectively communicate, efficiently optimize and continually succeed.

Over a decade of domain expertise, undying passion of a 70+member team, winning solution design, backed by an excellent infrastructure makes us a partner of choice for crème de la crème of the industry.

We strategize and create bespoke online and multimedia solutions that fulfill all needs of our client's external and internal audience. Backed by a well ground and winning strategy our eSolutions take care of marketing, communication, process automation and technology needs of our clients in the most efficient and effective manner.

Started way back in the year 1996 we today have carved a unique niche as a company that has mastered the art of giving its customer's business, a holistic yet distinctive edge in the e-world. The efforts of our marketing team and most challenging & demanding assignments from our customers make sure that we are always ahead of competition in this race against time, where technologies and trends change almost every passing second.
We have assembled together the finest minds in the e-business space. We have with us an arsenal of sharp strategists, creative people who think with both sides of their brain, trend-sensitive technologists with an eye for quality and of course, a die-hard delivery team which delivers.

Our solutions ensure client success in absolute terms and not just stop at client satisfaction. Welcome to Team Sparrow where business is all about creating new relationships and nurturing them with care and dedication with each passing day. Be it a online communication solution or a technology challenge, we make sure that we go by innovative thinking, simple methodology, advanced architecture and process driven and coordinated team work to accomplish our work.

Our works after all speak for us. Pursuit of ideas are a passion with all of us. Ideas that are rooted in reality. Ideas that are borne out of workaday situations. Ideas that lend a fourth dimension to a business situation. Ideas that work !

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