In every phenomenon the beginning remains always the most notable moment as winning starts only with beginning. Sparrow too was started way back in the year 1996 with just 3 people on board. The saying 'Mighty things from small beginnings grow' proves itself true here as where we stand today, we have support of more than 70 people who help us giving our customer's business, a holistic yet distinctive edge in the e-world.

From slow dial up Internet connections at 4800 Kbps to PCs with a maximum of 64 MB RAM, the Dot Com boom to the inevitable burst, free digital web page counters to Netscape Navigator we have seen it all. Today in an era of quad core machines, high speed Internet bandwidth, in-depth web analytic reports and ultra smart browsers we really wonder how we survived all those years.

Each experience in this journey has ofcourse given us a lot of learning, patience and above all a fighting spirit. Starting our journey with bare minimum resources we have grown organically adding people, machines, skill sets year by year each year.
One thing in this journey has always remained a constant and that is the trust our clients have placed in us. No wonder most of our clients of the 90's era are still with us not by chance but by choice considering the competitive and demanding environment of today. And its not just clients, even few members of our team today are almost as old as the company itself.

Our rich experience of over 12 years, the ability to work in most advanced and varied technologies, Quality solutions delivered on time always through the combined efforts of our 70 member strong team of young, energetic and highly talented professionals have today put us on a platform where we enjoy a relationship with blue chip clients spread across India & Abroad.

Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes - we too keep welcoming the future by innovating and re inventing ourselves each day, making sure we still watch our beginnings well. A great lesson from our past experience.

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